Ellora Bar & Restaurant

Cocktail bars are now all the rage, attracting a set of socialites and young professionals that come together over a of mixologists creations. Ranchi is no different, delivering the flavors of India in beautiful bars, stylish pubs or glamourous hotels.

It space channels a look of casual sophistication with a hint of eccentricity, featuring sleek leather, dark minimalistic furniture, a bright yellow bar and lit-up bicycle wheels. The ultimate aspect however, is the gleaming domed and copper architecture of the microbrewery, set up behind a glass partition. Try the Owl’s craft beers, or their selection of international beers, wines and spirits.

1968AD Lounge Bar

If your idea of nightlife includes hitting a bar for drinks and socializing, then our Ranchi guide is just what you want. Capitalizing on first-hand experience and extensive research, we've located the best bars in Ranchi for hanging out and kicking back in.

The menu has a selection of international spirits and cocktails, as well as a programme replete with national and international gigs. Loyalists unanimously swear by the cocktails and the music, the food, and its warm colours.

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